Hey everyone, Reilly & Joe here!

Howdy! Sorry, it’s been such a long time between posts, we’re both still doing this whole game dev thing in our spare time and it makes things complicated! We’ve had a lot of fans asking if we could update Warbits to support the newer iPhone X screen sizes, will it ever come to Android, etc. So we figured it’s time to fry up some of these questions and serve ’em up right here.

First, the not so great news. The Warbits we all know and love was released April 13th, 2016. That makes it a little over 5 years old. Ready for Kindergarten! Unfortunately, Warbits was developed using a now defunct game engine and major updates stopped before our beloved iPhone notch made an appearance. But wait!

Warbits fans are the absolute best and we love the game just as much. So what can we do about that?
We’ve decided to rebuild the game from the ground up to support more screen sizes, cross platform play, community driven content, profile progression, and a whole slew of quality of life improvements. The final form this new iteration of Warbits will take is still up for discussion, but we are slowly but steadily marching towards the finish line. Check us out on our Official Risky Lab Discord for a sneak peek!

Risky Lab