Howdy friends!

A shiny new patch is on its way and we wanted to let you know what it’s all about. We’re introducing 3 new¬†multiplayer tags, adding popular feature requests, squashing bugs and smoothing out the difficulty curve in the campaign. The most exciting change comes from¬†a brand new #Brawl mode where players face off with pre-deployed armies for quick action packed battles. Sign up here if you’d like to help beta test the patch.

v1.1 Changelog

Quick mission restart button via in game menu
Dialog can be toggled on/off from the campaign map
Adjusted campaign curve for a smoother ramp up in difficulty
Tap an enemy to instantly show attack range
Manual iCloud save
Various bug fixes

New official multiplayer tags including a brand new brawl mode with 10 maps.
#Brawl – Pre-deployed armies for quick action packed battles
#RapidFire – 10 minute turn timers
#ChargeFree – Just vanilla Warbits, powers disabled
In game turn notifications!
2 player match timeouts: 36h, 24h, 12h, 1h
4 player match timeouts: 24h
Manual account sync to iCloud