Sit down y’all. We have some unfortunate news to share. It’s sad and boring, we’ll start with the boring. The backend as a service known as Parse is slated to be shutdown January 30th, 2017. It was a beloved platform that helped smaller (and larger) teams get up and running with a robust backend. As it turns out we are one of those teams and as a result some unfortunate changes will be coming to Warbits in the upcoming 1.1.5 patch. Leader boards for various multiplayer stats will be removed and there will no longer be support for custom Tag Matches. It pained us to gut the code for these wonderful features, but due to the Parse shutdown and a chain of incompatibilities with the technology that makes up Warbits, we are unable to migrate these features to a new backend.
The not so awful news is that multiplayer games still work just fine and official tag match making is still functional. We sincerely apologize for this disappointing change. For all those players out there that fought the good fight we’d like to share the results of the multiplayer season with you. We aren’t done with Warbits by any means and would love to hear your feedback about its future. Feel free to email us at or jump on our Discord channel to chat:

tl;dr Due to our backend service closing shop, leader boards and custom tags will be going away. ;(

Risky Lab