We’re excited to release Warbits 1.2 with a brand new challenge mode, coming tonight (midnight 4/19). The new patch includes 30 missions across 3 categories: Skirmish, Puzzle and Veteran. Skirmish and Puzzle missions can be played at your leisure while Veteran missions can be unlocked after earning platinum on the matching Skirmish mission. This update also brings much needed iOS 10 iMessage invite support for custom games so you can duke it out with your friends.

This month marks Warbits’ 1 year anniversary! To celebrate we’re dropping the price from $3.99 to a measly 99¢. Once the sale is over we’ll be hiking the price up to $4.99, so get in while the gettin’s cheap.

We’re always happy to hear your feedback and comments. Give us a holler on our discord channel: https://discord.gg/gug785a

Have fun!
Joe & Reilly

v1.2 Changelog

  • Brand new challenge mode!
  • 30 missions available in 3 new challenge categories:
  • 10 Skirmish Missions
  • 10 Puzzle Missions
  • 10 Veteran Missions (unlocked after you platinum the corresponding Skirmish mission)
  • iOS 10 iMessage invite support! Play custom games with friends by inviting via iMessage.
  • HQ capture defeat state now requires that all your HQs be captured (in the event you have more than 1)
  • Minor AI tweaks.
  • Minor bug fixes and improvements.
Risky Lab